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Model Recruitment, Development and Promotion

Models of all ages with disabilities are being sought to participate in PhotoAbility. The site is designed as a specialized niche photo library modeled after Corbis and Getty Images, serving the advertising and media industries who buy stock photos for their ad campaigns, marketing materials and editorial articles.

Wheelchair or mobility device users or those with a noticeable disability CAN demonstrate that powerful editorial, commercial, lifestyle or creative images can be created that reflect the beauty of "Inclusivity". Persons with Disabilities need to be seen and recognized for their talent, beauty, abilities and economic impact!

Top Reasons why you should support and contribute pictures to the PhotoAbility Library

For Models or Aspiring Models and Actors

  1. Earn extra money on photos you have in your portfolio or private collection
  2. Your exposure to Advertising, Media and Marketing professionals =more work=more income
  3. We can help you develop your portfolio and earn more money by connecting you with photographers for custom commercial shoots to add to Library
  4. Your work and images will promote the use of positive imagery of people with disabilities
  5. Inclusion of persons with disabilities can help to change attitudinal and structural barriers
  6. Societies around the world will learn to view those with disabilities as integral part of their communities and respect and value their contributions
  7. You can help others with disabilities to feel empowered, capable, and beautiful
  8. A portion or all proceeds from the sale of your images can be designated to a Not for Profit of your choice.

If you need more reasons. Please contact sales@photoability.net and let us help you decide.

Be a part of this growing and important trend to showcase individuals of all abilities in print, media and television by considering working with us to take on this challenge and forge a new path together.

How to Participate and Be a Model:

Submit a photo in Our “Win a photo shoot” contest”; or

Submit a photo(s) that you feel are marketable and earn commission on each sale, in our Photo Library.

The photos should reflect the Lifestyle, Leisure and Travel focus we will represent. It is important that the photos reflect our diversity and are a mixture of individual and inclusive group shots. PhotoAbility is not a modeling site and all images should showcase the activity or setting not just the subject.

All photos you submit should be owned by you and you have copyright over (that you took, or where the subject of and photographer would release copyright to you). We would be happy to pay you 30% on all sales, or if you choose to provide some (low resolution images only) for free you can do so as well to promote inclusion.

Our mission is to develop our gallery featuring positive images of persons with disabilities, with the BIG picture goal of: Increasing use of these images in media and advertisements; thus increasing awareness of the value in maintaining and making structural and attitudinal changes affecting persons with disabilities; which will in turn work to encourage and sustain the participation of those with differing abilities around the world. Bottom line is: positive advertising and media featuring individuals with disabilities can have the ripple effect on the participation and treatment of those with disabilities around the world. It is but one part of the puzzle…Advertising and Media Bias.

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Paul Rogers

Paul Rogers

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