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Photo File Upload

Photographers are invited to submit their photos for inclusion and portfolio hosting in our library. All photos selected can earn up to 45% commission on each sale.

Create portfolios with media samples and profile (biography) information by registering as photographer.

All contributions form a contract with PhotoAbility, please read the important information below before deciding to upload your images.

Uploading Images

Please note: When uploading images use the largest file size you have and as close the the original as possible. Images that have been uploaded to file sharing sites or facebook are often compressed and not suitable for commercial purposes. Our minimum image size is 1024 x 768 pixels. Images formats that we can accept are JPEG, TIFF, and most RAW formats.

Experienced photographers can register and use our upload facility.

Photographer registration

Note: IPTC data for each photograph should be completed prior to upload especially the Description, Keywords, and Copyright string

All others please use our easy upload facility

We do ask that you register as a photographer so we can allocate your images to you and so that we can comply with our DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Actobligations.

easy file upload button Load up to 5 photos with the ability to add a description for each photo.

or our YouSendIt Drop Box

yousendit The ability to load entire folders or multiple images in a single selection.

Note: Once you have clicked select file on the drop box you can use CTRL or Shift to select muliple files at once from your computer.

Don't worry, we will size your photos, add the necessary data, and add them to the library if approved. We will also create a contributors account for you.

FTP (File Transfer Protocol)

For those familiar with FTP we have an FTP server available. Note: Please email us if you wish to upload using this method and we will set up an FTP account for you.


Important Information

PhotoAbility is dedicated to increasing the usage of imagery of people with disabilities in the tourism, leisure and lifestyle mediums by providing high quality stock photos.

All contributions should represent real life situations and be taken with quality photographic equipment and have good composition. PhotoAbility is not a modeling site and all images should showcase the activity or setting not just the subject. This site is dedicated to the authentic promotion of people with a disability and all models used must have a disability. No attempt should be made to hide the disability in the photo composition.

Note: To learn more about what makes a good image, read our Photo Composition Guide

This is a commercial site aimed at servicing the advertising and marketing industry.

The party who submits a photo or photographs to this site is, by doing so, entering into a agreement to sell photographs via download from our site. Please read our our full Contributors Agreement.

Key Elements of our contributors agreement:

1. Under this agreement PhotoAbility is authorized:

  1. to add the Images you submit to us via our various upload tools to our database; 
  2. to license the Images to Customers on the basis of a Royalty Free License or Rights Managed License or refer quote requests to you for Restricted Rights Managed Images;
  3. to set and to agree to prices;
  4. to deduct its commission and fees as set out in the PhotoAbility Commission Table (below); and
  5. to remit the balance in accordance with an effective method of transfer selected by PhotoAbility at any time.

2. Under this agreement (with restrictions as stated in the agreement) you have the right to:

  1. Control country, usage, media type and industry in which Images are available for use by Customers under Rights Managed Restricted Images, but not for Royalty Free images or Rights Managed Images;
  2. Control whether each Image you submit is displayed as Rights Managed, Rights Managed Restricted Use, or Royalty Free;
  3. Request that any Images be deleted after an initial period of 2 years with one hundred and eighty (180) days notice. On image deletion, PhotoAbility will cease to grant Licenses for the Image so deleted (but without prejudice to any Licenses which may subsequently be granted for Comp Images already downloaded or under negotiation at the time of deletion);
  4. Supply your Images on a non exclusive basis with the right to sell your Images in any other way you wish as long as the license terms are the same as offered by PhotoAbility for the same image, unless an exclusive agreement has been entered into.

3. Under this agreement you must:

  1. Be the Copyright owner of the Images or have authority from the Copyright owner to upload the images to PhotoAbility;
  2. Grant the Customer the right to alter Images providing such alteration is not pornographic, defamatory, demeaning or otherwise unlawful, or in the case of Editorial Images alters the context or meaning of the image, unless expressly stated at the time the image is uploaded to PhotoAbility and made a special condition of licensing;
  3. Ensure that where you have indicated that a Model or Property release exists, you are able to make the release(s) available to PhotoAbility if so requested.


LevelCommission Rate

New Photographers

  • Less than 20 Images in Portfolio and
  • Less than 5 Sales


  • 20 - 50 images in portfolio and
  • 6 - 10 sales


  • 51 - 100 images in portfolio and
  • 11 - 20 sales


  • Greater than 100 images in portfolio and
  • More 21 Sales

Licence Definitions

Royalty-free (RF) images are available for unlimited use, in accordance with the license agreement, for a one-time fee. Images may be used immediately after purchasing a license This is no renewal required under a RF license. Licenses for royalty-free images are non-exclusive.

Rights managed (RM) images are available for a specified amount of time for a fee that is determined by intended use. Usage restrictions may apply due to the nature of the subject matter, geography, or the original agreement between photographer or agency and subject. In order to qualify as a Rights Managed Image, the image cannot have been previously sold as a Royalty Free image either with PhotoAbility or any other library.

A note on copyright and releases.

  • If the photographer submits his/her own photo, all people who are recognizable in any photograph must have signed a model release.
  • If the subject of the photo submits photos, they must have a signed assignment of rights document from the photographer (even if a friend or family member) to allow unlimited commercial use of the photograph(s).
  • If photographs are submitted by a person other than the photographer or subject/model, then there must be both a model release AND an assignment of rights document signed by photographer to allow unlimited commercial use of the photograph(s).
  • Any photographs taken on a recognizable commercial property must also have a property release signed.


Please be aware that under copyright rules the copyright of all photographs resides with the photographer regardless of whether he was paid for the assignment or not unless there is an assignment of copyright agreement.

Sample releases for your own use: (You will be asked to certify that you have the applicable releases on registration)

Model Release (PDF Download)

Property Release (PDF Download)

Photographer Assignment of Copyright (PDF Download)


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Paul Rogers

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